The new schedule

With the conclusion of (most) of my lab work, I’ve been enjoying a new schedule. Even more than new time management, I’ve been really loving my increased activity. Its amazing how much better I feel when I get moving and stop eating. Crazy. I’ve been averaging about 2500-3500 calories burned per day and 12000-15000 steps, and it feels so good!

2016-03-23 15.29.43

Obviously horseback riding messes with the numbers. I assure you I didn’t actually climb 77 floors.

Mondays and Tuesday mornings are riding mornings. Monday is generally a dressage lesson with Sarah Denham, and Tuesday is going to be an opportunity to ride two horses in the morning. I might be able to squeeze in a ride Wednesday night, either before my lesson or during. And depending on the week, I should be able to ride Thursday and Friday afternoons. Weekends are variable, we travel with the barn or work or just for fun.

This is really exciting, and hopefully an opportunity to get back on track and start making forward, linear progress, instead of the general bumpy trajectory I normally follow.