Riding Recaps

Busy weekend! Knots and I went to Pine Hill and then got in a lesson with our jumping trainer while Gracie cut her forehead apart.

Saturday was the schooling before most of the students head to the show this weekend. I was coaching some of the students with Maggie. I took Knots so we could have a nice positive outing after the terrible ride I gave him last time we were there. We didn’t do anything that was a real stretch. We jumped almost all of the beginner novice jumps, some of the novice jumps, and played on the “mountain” and worked up and down some banks. We also played in the baby ditch.

Mostly we ended up getting some great videos, thanks to Lachlan (!), and having good rides over all the rough jumps from the show. I did shorten the running martingale and ride in a regular snaffle without spurs. I’m torn about using the same equipment at the show, or upgrading to a kimberwick. And do I need spurs? Its always the thought that its better to have and not need than not have, but I’m not sure. I think the spurs add to the drama sometimes, especially if my leg isn’t quiet. The other thing I changed was the saddle. I have an older saddle that has better knee blocks than the newer one. It needs to be reflocked like I need to win the lottery, so I’ve been cautious about using it too much, and which pads underneath it. Problems to deal with sometime this winter.

No media from the ride on Monday. We worked on adjustability between jumps. I’ve gotten lots better at shaping the canter coming into jumps, but I’m still having trouble engaging through combinations and between related distances. We worked on a 4-5(?) stride bending line, with one side bent more than the other. No big jumps, just getting a good canter and having conscious thoughts between. Knots was really good. We are still arguing about how close to the jump we can get, and I need to be a bit more bossy. He can crawl underneath the jump and still round over, and I need to be more assertive about the deep spot sometimes, instead of being ok with a leap.

When we came home, I put Knots back out in the paddock and patted Gracie’s face. I noticed her forelock was all grubby, and then I saw the cut. I pulled her out to look at it, and then we cleaned it out.


Tis but a flesh wound! She was going to be moved anyway, since she is having a bit of trouble gaining back some weight. Now she gets the isolation paddock and she has a shiny aluminum bandage over her boo boo. Sad Gracie.


No students all week… lets have some fun!

Our last week of summer camp was last week, and this week is a “mini-vacation” of sorts. No riding lessons or students in the morning or evening! What could we do?

I rode Knots this morning and we worked on the same fan/bounce exercise Maggie set up last week. Last we we practiced it with some tiny crossrails, and it hard not to rush, especially with such a need for steering. Basically, you ride through the bounce and then the outside jumps are five strides and the inside jumps are six, even though some of us… ride a four-stride and a five-stride.

2016-08-02 13.34.31.jpg

Terrible fuzzy drawing, sorry.

We warmed up with a super lazy walk/trot/canter. Knots had already eaten breakfast, but he was feeling sluggish. He also kept staring at Gracie devouring his hay… I haven’t been jumping with spurs, so we just went with it. I spent some extra time moving my hips with the canter, maybe I can stay away from the chiropractor for a bit longer. Long story short, crooked horses make or cause crooked backs and painful hips. But, what came first, the crooked horse or the crooked back?

Anyway, I set the cross rails up to about 2, 2’3″ and the verticals to 2’3″/2’6″ (who measures anyway? even though we have four jump sticks now).We warmed up over the two outside jumps, just one jump at a time. Then we put it all together. Through the bounce, over the outside jump, around, back over the other outside jump, and back through the bounce. Its kind of like a keyhole. And! There are videos!


Knots was being very relaxed, and I was trying to sit up and let him figure it out. I did push a little on the second video. We are really starting to build an adjustable canter, and its making life so much easier!

I think the rest of the week will be some more riding and a lot of catch-up/scheduling things, but looking forward to fall I think there will be a bit more time to focus on some horse training.

Oh! And since you loyal readers care about more than just horses, Robert asked me to marry him last weekend, and I said yes! I’ll try not to put too much wedding fun on the blog, but who knows what we will decide to go with?!

2016-07-26 19.30.03

On a real schedule

So this wild thing has been happening as I have started working at TBS. I actually ride on a schedule, almost every day. Its crazy. In the last two weeks, I have ridden Vinny four times and Knots six times. Wild. I actually ride more than I have time to write about riding…

I’ve been having one jump school each week for each horse and then flatting the other rides. We have worked on courses the last two weeks, I have a hard time thinking during the courses. Practicing having my brain engaged through the entire process is key. Practicing over all the jumps in the courses is also great for focusing on my position. I still need to sink further in my heels over the jumps and relax a bit. I still look tense in the air.

Knots is sooooooo much more relaxed. While he has a lot of impulsion, he isn’t rushing to the base of the fences, he’s waiting for them to come to him. I can actually half-halt, and I’m just using the snaffle at home. He is much more confident over height, and as we keep working, he is starting to jump a bit rounder.

No pictures of flat work unfortunately. Its apparently too boring for people to watch or take pictures of :(.

122016-06-10 07.57.42-1

On the flat, Knots and I have moved back into side reins and we are trying to build up a bit of strength in the canter. Oh and keep trying not to be tense. And actually maintaining contact on the outside rein. I suppose the first point is what I want to be working on, but the second and third points are what I end up doing.

Vinny and I have been working on the right lead canter departs and building enough strength to hold the canter in the dressage arena. The Intro C test requires less than three quarters of a 20 m canter circle, but one has to actually pick up the canter and hold the correct lead. Preferably without pulling my arms out of the sockets.

The campers helped set up the dressage arena last week, so I’m hoping to move the flat rides into the arena and work on some of the test movements.

2016-06-16 11.10.01.jpg

As a bonus, last weekend we were able to do some conditioning out at Indian Spirit Springs. Knots and I trotted a lot, up and down some hills, and then we cantered up a couple of hills. His breathing was really good, and (as usual) he still has lots of energy up until the end. This makes me feel better about BN in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be terribly hot.

2016-06-12 19.34.24

After the show, I’m looking forward to fitting in rides on Gracie and Jellybean. #goals

And suddenly it’s summer

That’s kind of how Texas goes. Rain, rain, rain, then suddenly summer is here. This week has been the first week of riding camps and the first [full] week of Amanda bootcamp.

Amanda bootcamp is pretty straightforward, I’m just trying to get to a shape other than round for the July 3rd horse trial. I’ll be taking Vinny and Knots, and I would prefer to not die on course. I’m trying to ride at least a horse a weekday and I’m running a mile every day in June.

Friday we had a big day. We picked up a trial horse for a client that I’m really excited about. Before the trial, Maggie and the kids rode. And of course I did something stupid. Life lessons here: morbidly obese horses and bareback don’t really mix. It’s hard to hold on when you have short legs and are basically riding a table. I tried to lope the horse off, and I got right of center. Down I went. Solidly painful splat. Go team… This also meant I took a day off from running on Saturday, but Sunday I was just fine.

Monday was a little bit crazy, we decided to ride at 7am. This sounds easy, but when your alarm goes off at 6:10 its hard to run, eat, and make it to the barn to be getting on about 7. It didn’t help that the footing was also crappy. I ended up walking Knots around in the dressage saddle for awhile and accomplishing nothing.

Gracie had a stressful day on Monday. She was ridden by a new intern, which of course ruined her ‘stand all day and eat with friends’ plan. Then she was moved to the fat kids pasture, where the grain is less abundant. She paced the fence line when I left Monday, and she was still pacing this morning…

Then the chiropractor came on Monday afternoon. She did Gracie and Knots, and some of Maggie’s horses. I always like chatting with her and hearing all of her interesting stories. And the ponies like her ;). She’s coming back to adjust Knots one more time before the show. Gracie was a bit indifferent about the adjusting, but Knots was very relaxed and pleased to see the doctor. No side eye for the chiro.

Tuesday went much better than Monday.

I got up when my alarm went off the first time, then I went running. I had time to eat my breakfast, and I got to the barn closer to the right time. I rode Vinny on the flat where we continued working on not running from the leg. He still wants to run when I ask him to move over, which leads to me holding the reins and holding his head up. He was definitely better today than he was last week.

Maggie mentioned she was going to have a jump lesson with another student, which I jumped in on. We worked over a crossrail-oxer thing and then added canter poles. Knots had a mental breakthrough. Instead of running through the poles, he listened to my half-half and balanced through them and had a nice jump over the 2’6″ oxer at the end.

One of the canter poles turned into a cavaletti, and Knots gave me the same great attention as before. This exercise is great for him because it helps him really get to the base of the jump and roll back and round over the fence. We have a lot of trouble with this, Knots thinks fast is best. He gets nervous when we go too slow. Normally he blasts through this type of exercise. But not today!

We finished out with a big single oxer. The other student has been struggling with trusting her horse a little, and so Maggie pushed the jump up to show her that she can indeed do it. I got to jump it too, and have a couple of pictures.

You can see in the left picture, we got to the ideal take off spot, but Knots didn’t quite lift high enough. On the right, we jumped high enough, but a little early. We both need more practice at seeing the ideal take off spot. My leg isn’t terrible, but I need to imagine pushing my butt back and moving my hands down as we jump over more substantial fences. Maggie said this one was about 3’3′, which is pretty fun 🙂 Go Knots go!


A Day in the New Life, preview edition

So all the hints about what’s going on are over. Starting in May, I’ll be starting officially my new job at Three Brothers Stable. I’ll be teaching lessons, putting training rides on client horses, and helping the barn run more smoothly. I’ll be taking a more active role in managing some of our working students and helping with the website and online presence. And of course summer camps are coming up. But wait! That’s not all. I’m also starting up a freelance editing business, specializing in academic work. I’ve already completed a few projects for clients and I’m getting daily inquiries about new projects. Whew. With all that, yesterday was a pretty crazy day and seems like the new normal-ish. I’m thrilled!


Majestic! Like the start of my day yesterday

6:00a Wake up and start getting the coffee pot going.

7:45a Leave for the barn after checking email and drinking coffee with Rob.

8:00a Start cleaning out the rest of my things from the other tack room.

8:15a Email exchanges with an editing client and the acceptance of my quote.

8:30a Chat with Maggie about the riding plan for the morning, grab Joe. Joe is a student’s horse that we are hoping to use in lessons, but he has lived in a pasture doing little for a few years. He needs a tune up.

8:45a Get distracted by another horse pulling back when tied and repeatedly breaking lead ropes. Work with Maggie and the horse to stop that nonsense.

10:00a Warm Joe up in the round pen and then ride in the jump field. Walking, trotting, working over poles. His steering is rusty, but he’s not doing anything naughty.

10:45a Put Joe up and grab Knots for some jumping

11:00a Ride Knots in the jump field and work over an oxer. We started by practicing trotting jumps, then moved up to work on cantering into the oxer. We used a place pole to help him measure the pace. When I sat up and rode, he was great. When I let him run at the jump, we sucked. Shocker. While riding, chat with Maggie about a client who would like her horse to be ridden at Pine Hill in the Green-as-Grass division in July. (I love the horse.)

12:00p Ride the ponies out to the XC field and evaluate footing and try to imagine how to move things to minimize the impact of rain.

12:45p Lunch time! Freebirds today

2:00p Unhook trailer from truck. Video Fred babysitting the puppies (Check instagram @atindalla). Move stadium jumps out to field. Beautiful craftsmanship, and heavy. Also associated poles and jump cups. Manage to twist/sprain ankle jumping out of truck. Five minute break to wrap it up in an ace bandage I happened to have in my car.

4:45p Break time for me before I teach my 6pm lesson. Email a new client who is requesting a quote. Try to elevate foot. Chat with barn teenagers.

6:00p Teach a riding lesson out in the XC field. Two students planning to go green-as-grass next week, one who isn’t showing (but riding at we-have-just-begun), and one who is showing WHJB. Talk about tricky, four riders, three different levels.

7:30p Head home, shower, ice ankle, have dinner.

10:30p Bedtime, whew!

On the flip side, today I am working in the office all day and finishing work on a couple of editing projects. Today is Rob’s birthday and I’m going into lab for cake and ice cream. I’m not expecting to break 5000 steps :p


Byron in the office, keeping me company

Jellybean might almost, maybe, growing up

The barn was a crazy place today. Early this morning, the pony club descended and had their monthly meeting. I kind of floated around making sure people weren’t having trouble with the facility, and I watched a few kids ride. Then we drugged Jellybean and headed home for an afternoon nap.

Later in the evening we headed back out, and I decided to ride Jellybean. Rob was going to ride Gracie, but we got there as Kayla was finishing up a ride. Gracie was somewhat better behaved, kind of.

Jellybean got warmed up, and then we worked at trotting over some baby cross rails. Then why not do a baby course?


She was a little overexuberant over the first couple of jumps, but she quickly realized they weren’t worth much effort. And look! I’m sitting up haha. This is the first course we have ever done, so bam. Milestone.

We finished up with another milestone, Jellybean was calm enough for a tiny little girl to have her first pony sit. Who would have thought? Jellybean…kids horse.


Just kidding. We aren’t quite there yet.


Jellybean develops a lump

Tuesday morning went really well. At first anyways. I worked with Knots in the jump field. We just jumped crossrails, and we worked hard to be able to trot over some Xs and verticals. Normally we have a big rushing problem, but I’ve been working on trotting Xs, and we were able to do it! Small things. Not every milestone is jumping a 3′ box.

Since I was super motivated, I then went to grab Jellybean from the field and started to brush her. Then I noticed a swelling:

2016-04-05 10.34.53.jpg

This is on her stomach, and this photo was taken with my phone between her hind legs… Great spot! This looks kind of similar to Gracie’s swelling of yesteryear, so I didn’t immediately freak out. I decided to cold hose it and see if I felt anything weird. Jellybean was barely tolerating this, and I got Maggie to [reluctantly] check it out. Jellybean kicks, and this is prime getting kicked in the head territory.

2016-04-05 10.46.27.jpg

It almost looks like some kind of puncture wound. So then I called the vet, and sent him these pictures :/

He was booked for two days… but said he would try to get me in ASAP.

He ended up looking at her later in the afternoon, and told me we had two options: 1) sedate, ultrasound, SMZs, evaluate 2) SMZs, evaluate. We picked option two, I wrote him a check, and he was gone in ten minutes total. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

The second day, it was getting bigger, but this morning it was definitely shrinking. I drew on her stomach with brown sharpie to see how it got bigger or smaller. It looks kind of dry because I put Swat on it, and then apparently she rubbed it off, but you can see it doesn’t quite fill out the lines.

Its been a while since we were doing major doctoring, and now I have a sedative for the next time Jellybean needs doctoring, so I guess it isn’t a total loss.