Jellybean develops a lump

Tuesday morning went really well. At first anyways. I worked with Knots in the jump field. We just jumped crossrails, and we worked hard to be able to trot over some Xs and verticals. Normally we have a big rushing problem, but I’ve been working on trotting Xs, and we were able to do it! Small things. Not every milestone is jumping a 3′ box.

Since I was super motivated, I then went to grab Jellybean from the field and started to brush her. Then I noticed a swelling:

2016-04-05 10.34.53.jpg

This is on her stomach, and this photo was taken with my phone between her hind legs… Great spot! This looks kind of similar to Gracie’s swelling of yesteryear, so I didn’t immediately freak out. I decided to cold hose it and see if I felt anything weird. Jellybean was barely tolerating this, and I got Maggie to [reluctantly] check it out. Jellybean kicks, and this is prime getting kicked in the head territory.

2016-04-05 10.46.27.jpg

It almost looks like some kind of puncture wound. So then I called the vet, and sent him these pictures :/

He was booked for two days… but said he would try to get me in ASAP.

He ended up looking at her later in the afternoon, and told me we had two options: 1) sedate, ultrasound, SMZs, evaluate 2) SMZs, evaluate. We picked option two, I wrote him a check, and he was gone in ten minutes total.¬†Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

The second day, it was getting bigger, but this morning it was definitely shrinking. I drew on her stomach with brown sharpie to see how it got bigger or smaller. It looks kind of dry because I put Swat on it, and then apparently she rubbed it off, but you can see it doesn’t quite fill out the lines.

Its been a while since we were doing major doctoring, and now I have a sedative for the next time Jellybean needs doctoring, so I guess it isn’t a total loss.