I started working with horses as a teenager and quickly moved into the role of barn rat. I rode all the bad ponies and sweated it out at summer camps. I comPicture1 (3)peted at schooling hunter shows and realized eventing was cooler before going off to college. After a couple years without horses, I tried to get back in and ended up as the captain of the Western Equestrian team. I learned a lot about reining and John Lyons Horsemanship. After college, I moved to Texas for graduate school and became involved with Three Brothers Stable, where I board my horses. At TBS, I teach a lot of lessons and coach kids so they can develop life and horse skills. I am currently working with Jellybean in addition to competing Have and Have Knots (Knots).

You can reach me at atindalla at gmail dot com



Hi there everybody. I am the comic relief for the blog. I will relate the goofy side of Jellybean’s exploits. All the derpy pictures, horsey nonsense, and chronicles of all the antics from our little family.

I have been learning about horsemanship for almost three years now and I am always surprised by how little I actually know about these animals. Not being a person content to just learn I have decided that with the help of several trainers it is time for me to start eventing in the spring of 2015. S11813366_10207555420189119_8912783180146138001_nay a prayer of the horse, for me and of course the pocket book…  Having one family member eventing is expensive enough but with two of us doing it, we may go broke yet.

I have been told that people either are or, are not horse people. I guess it just took me a while to figure out which category I fell in to.

I welcome you to sit back, subscribe and, read about the hilarity of our menagerie of animals as we continue to grow and learn.  AND HOPEFULLY BRING HOME SOME BLUE RIBBONS!!!!!!


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