Two Weeks Ago at Topsider Farm

Ashlynn here! Brave Jellybean had her first away-from-home show two weeks ago, at Topsider. It was a small dressage show, and she behaved like a champ—no bucks, bolts, or general baby-ish behavior. We rode the Intro B and Intro C tests, and received scores of 55 and 57.75 respectively. Score sheets are below.

Intro Test B.jpeg
Intro Test C.jpeg
The only huge issues were not being sure of walking into the shade of the covered arena, which a leg on fixed, and then not being relaxed enough to walk, which was partly my fault.

Our next show goal is Pine Hill, which we are registered for. It will consist of dressage, show jumping, and cross country and will be quite an adventure. I can’t wait! Schooling is this weekend, and hopefully we’ll have videos and pictures.

Current schedule for riding is Mon/Tues, Thurs, and then a weekend day if possible. Two dual credit classes, 2 AP classes, a high school psychology class, and cross country running doesn’t make it easy, but it happens! Special thanks to Amanda for allowing me the honor of working with Jellybean during this time in addition to being my main trainer, Maggie for transportation and training tips every now and then, Jacob for filming and funding, and Leah for supporting and also helping with transportation. None of this would happen without them!

You can watch a video Jacob made of the dressage tests at


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