Lesson Ponies

This week the “exercise of the week” was bounces. Bounces are great for helping the rider to have an independent position. They also help the horse adjust their own stride. Once you’re straight, the rider has to support the horse with the leg through the line. Bounces are basically multiple jumps in a line, with no room for any cantering or trotting between the jumps. So they have to immediately jump the next jump as they are landing from the previous jump.

Gracie and Jellybean both got to be lesson ponies this week. Jellybean could be questionably described as a lesson horse on the regular, since Ashlynn takes lessons, but Gracie hasn’t really been helpful as a lesson horse, especially not with jumping.


I give you video evidence of the ponies in action, and my awful squeaky voice telling people “LEG! LEG! LEG!”



In other news, one of the other horses in the lesson ran straight into Jellybean’s butt, so hard that he bounced off of her… and she didn’t kick him. What is happening in this world?


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