Well we made it! This month hasn’t been the picture of productivity. It rained for a week and we felt the effects for about two. I had some really nice rides at the beginning of the month, including a great one without stirrups in the dressage saddle. I feel like it really helped me stretch out my hip flexors.

Most of the rest of the month has been projects inside the barn with minimal riding. My ponies are getting ready to make another move. We are going to pour some sand into a paddock and give the paddock life another go.

2016-08-26 08.49.11.jpg

Jellybean has gotten fantastically quarter horse-looking. She has had a sleek appendix shape for so long I had gotten over the idea that she was going to look like a big ole cow horse one day…

Ashlynn is taking Jellybean to a couple of shows this weekend, Topsider this weekend, an xc schooling, and then Pine Hill in October. Jellybean’s first show. I feel a little disappointed that I’m not going to be the one to take her, but I like the partnership between Ashlynn and Jellybean, and I’ll be there watching.

Looking forward to the fall, I’m thinking about taking Knots to the Pine Hill HT in December. Redeeming ourselves from that awful show in July. Then maybe we can start looking to novice in the spring. I’m also looking into some riding instructor certifications. They are all expensive and questionably useful. But they give insurance discounts.

Robert got to test ride a new lesson horse, you probably saw the video on Instagram.

You can all look forward to a recap of the show from Ashlynn, and hopefully some more consistent posts as the heat cools off and we come inside earlier.


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