Jellybean News

Hello all! It’s Ashlynn, back with some Jellybean news.
I’ve been on vacation, and am currently on another right now. While I’ve been at home, though, exciting things have been happening in Jellybeanland. As an overview: lease began, new training, and tricks.
After the first vacation, Pony Club camp, and a show with Tank, I started helping with barn camps and riding Jellybean. We also signed a lease, which means I have a lot more riding time with Jellybean. On the flat, we’ve been working on listening to my legs more, especially my right leg, and using the outside rein. We tried to figure out poles, and we pretty much have them down for the most part…I think. Our current training goal is to prep for an event this fall. Our other long term goal is to master flying changes. This will take a bit, as it does need some foundation work first.
Since I have more time with Jellybean, I have also decided to teach her some tricks. I have started to teach her how to “hug”, and more tricks will come soon. It was fun to teach her, after she understood what was going on.
Hopefully, Jellybean is being good back in Texas. When I get back, I will start to post more as we progress with our goals.

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