Show prep

Its time to get things together! The schooling horse trial is on Sunday and we are in the final stages of prep. The weather decided to dump a bit of rain on Tuesday, but I’m not letting that stop me. Each guy got three rides this week: conditioning Monday and either two dressage rides or one jump and one dressage school.

As always, I wish I had some more time to prep, but it is what it is. I’ve put in solid ride time on both horses, and now I have to trust the preparation. Saturday is for grooming and packing. Hopefully we will all make it through this weekend.

Times were just posted:

2016-07-01 16.26.14.jpg

Forecast for Sunday is 95 with 50% humidity. I’m fairly concerned about riding in the heat. I’ve got buckets and water plans and some liniment ready to go. I plan to have someone ready to possibly get ice if we need it. I’m going to give a tube of electrolytes on Saturday to each pony and focus on water for Sunday.

Honestly, these horses have lived in the heat here their entire lives, and they haven’t been sitting in the pasture lately. They will probably be just fine. I worried about this last time I took Knots to this show, and he was just fine, even after cross country. Three inches of height difference (and longer track, but not much) and increased fitness says he will be fine this time too.

Vinny is only jumping the two foot class, which only has eight XC jumps. I know he will be fine.

Now its just time to start learning those dressage tests 😉



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