I might be a trail horse…

Howdy “Neigh”bors,

Let me tell you a story about the other day… This was actually 9 days ago now. I am STILL traumatized.

Robert actually came out and rode me! Now, I know I am a horse and horses are made to be rode but, this princess horse has not been rode in a long time! I am Good Graces! Not some trail pony…

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. There I stood, eating from my wonderfully delicious round bale. Then I hear it, the sound of Amanda’s car. This usually has no impact on me at all but, today would be different. I saw from across the paddock a familiar face! Robert has come back to the barn! This means treats and some scratches! So, off I went to meet him at the gate. As I approached I noticed he had my halter in hand… This is strange. Maybe he just wants to brush me. I like being brushed. Oh! A trip to the tack up area! BRUSHING!!!!!   But wait, why is the trailer here? Hey! Why are we tying to the trailer? What? Where are we going?

I’m confused as he continues to brush and prep me for something he hasn’t done in several weeks. He is getting tack… He wants to RIDE me?!?!? Oh this is not good. Huh? The tack just went in the trailer. Why did he put it in there? OH CRAP!!!!! The last time he did this we had to go jump all that stuff at the scary place! I don’t want to do that much work! I guess I have no choice. At least my friends Knots, Pandora, and Bear are coming too. Maybe this won’t be awful. On to the trailer! Let’s find out where we’re going. It was a long ride to the jumping place.

Wait, we are here already? That was a short trailer ride. I smell LOTS of fresh grass. This is not the jumping place. As I back out of the trailer I see open fields, wooded areas, and a big lake! This place is pretty cool! Look at all the grass. OH! Ok, tied to the trailer rail… I want that grass. Maybe if I pound on the trailer he will untie me… Oh, HERE comes the tack. I guess we are going to do this ride thing after all.

Ok, Robert is on board. Now I can eat some grass… where did my buddies go? They trotted off without me! Better catch up. I neigh at Robert to say ‘hold on’ and I trot off to catch up. This is a nice place, so much grass and trees. It isn’t even very hot in the shade. Suddenly, everyone canters up the hill. Thankfully Robert is paying attention and we run off up the hill as well. This is fun. Running around no rails, no jumps. Just the chance to be a horse in the open.

I am getting a bit tired though. We have trotted for a long time. Can we have a break now? Whew… Wait! What?!? Cantering again??  I’m tired but, ok. No. I’m really done now. Let’s walk.

We walked through the woods and found a new trail. I was in the back and couldn’t see where we were headed, but Bear was out front and his rider is smart. The trail kept getting thinner and thinner… Soon, we were walking in ankle deep water. I don’t like water too much, but Bear was ok with it so I followed. A few minutes later, the humans started talking a lot and we stopped. Bear said we had to turn around and go back. The lake had covered the trail.

Bear said I had to man up and lead us back through the water to dry land. I am not a fan of swampy areas; I can’t see what is down there and I get nervous. Robert helped though; he kept pushing me forward and not letting me get scared. We made back to the dry trail and everything was ok after that.

On our way back to the trailer I reflected on my adventures. I conquered open fields, small streams, wooded trails, swampy bogs and, trotting hills. I had a blast.

Maybe I should work on convincing Robert I am not cut out for eventing. Maybe I am really a trail horse in an eventer’s body.

I hope you enjoyed my story. I like to tell you my perspective on what happens at the barn. Humans just don’t get it sometimes.

-Good Graces

2016-06-12 19.34.24



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