Recent Purchases – Hits and Misses

I read a few fashion blogs, and I was feeling inspired reading about the things that worked better and worse than the purchaser hoped. With the changing of my day job, I have been purchasing a lot of things to make it easier. I’ve really been looking for things to keep me cool in the +90 heat and +40% humidity.


Ariat Sunstopper Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt

I like this shirt because it keeps me cool, and the navy is a good color. I wouldn’t want this shirt in a different color, because its basically see through. I can see the white piping on my sports bra if I wear the wrong one. Even with the see through-ness, the shirt keeps me cool. And stops me from burning in the sun.

Kerrits IceFil Flex Long Sleeve

I stayed away from patterns for awhile, but honestly I don’t know why. They are fun while still looking professional. I have the Berry Horseshoe pattern, which you might have seen in one of my recent posts. This shirt is pretty long, which is somewhat annoying when tucked in. The arms are also fairly generous. There’s a lot of extra in the wrist.

Lettia CoolMax Ice Cooling All Purpose Saddle Pad

These saddle pads are pretty loud, but they do actually wick away the moisture. I don’t feel like the horses are as hot under the saddle when I use this pad. I also LOVE the girth keepers. So much better than the webbing.

Ovation DX Celebrity Slim Secret Full Seat Breeches

I generally refuse to buy anything with ‘slim secret’ in the title, but I wanted to try a pair of white full seats before I take the ponies to the show in July. And I like the contrasting full seats, either in grey or black. I was really surprised, these breeches looked great! Especially for white breeches. They are still a bit see through, but I think wearing white underwear and tucking in my shirt will fix all but the most basic panty lines, which unfortunately for the world I don’t care much about. We’ll see how they hold up to a day at the horse show and all the stains that come along with that.


Ariat Barnyard Side Zip Boots

I really wanted to love these. They aren’t the most…attractive boots, but I was hoping for serviceable during the long hot day. I also like waterproof, since I bought these before it stopped raining. They were working really well, until I spent an entire day in them. Now I have some bonus blisters that turned into callouses, where I don’t normally have problems. Thick socks, thin socks, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t help that these are a half size too big, I ruined it by wearing them to the barn instead of exchanging for the smaller size. I really want to love these, and I will probably give them a second chance after these wear out. They are serviceable for half days.

SSG Hybrid Riding Gloves

I was looking for some new gloves to ride in everyday. While these have great grip, there is a lot of turning my hands black, and they aren’t very cool. I think I’ll like them in the fall/winter, but they aren’t very timely now.


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