It’s raining again

I’m planning world domination, or rambling on about things that are moderately exciting.

Also know as, what things do I need to do to take a horse to a competition? July is the next date on the calendar, and I’m brainstorming who and what.

Knots and I could run beginner novice. Jellybean could go green as grass. Or I could get us rolling to goldilocks. A could take Jellybean green as grass, although that depends on a couple of things going well. Knots and I need some more jumping experience before we start adding cross country combinations at novice. We both also need to be in better shape.

When it stops raining, I made this handy little chart that I’m going to start using:

2016-04-20 19.40.27.jpg

There should be more riding time in my [very near] future >:)


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