Jellybean might almost, maybe, growing up

The barn was a crazy place today. Early this morning, the pony club descended and had their monthly meeting. I kind of floated around making sure people weren’t having trouble with the facility, and I watched a few kids ride. Then we drugged Jellybean and headed home for an afternoon nap.

Later in the evening we headed back out, and I decided to ride Jellybean. Rob was going to ride Gracie, but we got there as Kayla was finishing up a ride. Gracie was somewhat better behaved, kind of.

Jellybean got warmed up, and then we worked at trotting over some baby cross rails. Then why not do a baby course?


She was a little overexuberant over the first couple of jumps, but she quickly realized they weren’t worth much effort. And look! I’m sitting up haha. This is the first course we have ever done, so bam. Milestone.

We finished up with another milestone, Jellybean was calm enough for a tiny little girl to have her first pony sit. Who would have thought? Jellybean…kids horse.


Just kidding. We aren’t quite there yet.



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