Spring Break Barn Fun

I did something wild this year. I actually took the entire week of Spring Break and didn’t head up to the lab. I didn’t even think about lab actually. I still haven’t graded my quizzes from two weeks ago… (sorry?) The weather was in the 80s for most of the week, what could be more perfect?

With all this not-in-lab time, I got to spend lots of time with the ponies. Tuesday and Thursday we had barn work days, and then Friday the farrier AND vet came out. I got lots of rides in, and Rob even got to ride. And the week isn’t quite over, we’re heading to the High Point Farm Bluebonnet Derby tomorrow with some students.

Since there were actually multiple rides, I’ll summarize a little. On the flat, Knots and I worked on being relaxed through changes of rein. Nothing too exciting, I was also teaching a lesson. During another ride, we worked on placement to the jumps a bit. We cantered into some smaller jumps and worked on a good approach. No rushing, no ducking, no letting go of the reins. The struggle is real. Anyways, we had some good jumps and ended over a 2’6″ oxer for fun.

Jellybean got a lot of attention this week. We rode in the dressage lesson Monday, on the flat in a dressage arena on Wednesday, and over fences Thursday. Whew. The flat work was ok, I was working on pushing her into the walk and trot and continuing to focus on her bending her neck. Over fences we were working on me not sucking. I needed to ride her up to and over every fence. And we didn’t need to putz. We were moderately successful at this; I did take my stirrups up more and that helped. Its really fun that she pricks her ears and looks for the jumps. She seems to enjoy going along.

There was some derp though, she stepped on the random pole in the arena that we were going over several times. And she had some weird baby moment where she lost her feet, and I thought we were going down. Not over a jump, but just cantering along. Sigh. Highs and lows.


Finally, to end out the week, we had a party with the farrier AND the vet, ON THE SAME DAY. All the money was spent :/

2016-03-18 09.45.27

Jellybean, Gracie, and Knots all got the basic shots for the area, a coggins test, and then Knots got his business cleaned up. Jellybean, of course, got a shot of sedative as soon as the vet walked towards her with the vaccines. Sigh. The farrier enjoyed the sedate Jellybean though. When the vet comes back again this spring, we get to float Jelly’s teeth. I’m sure Rob will get lots of pictures of that level of derp.

2016-03-18 11.39.06

All in all, a well-deserved break, and a mental reset for the things coming up.

2016-03-17 17.06.50


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