Jellybean makes a new friend [again]

Its Spring Break here in Texas, which means extra ride time. Combine that with my recent defense of my master’s degree, and bam! Riding again!

Monday was dressage day. I took Jellybean to Sarah’s and she was a mess. Which is mostly my fault. I have got to start holding her accountable for being a horse and stop making stupid excuses for her. If she won’t poop under saddle, its not my problem; we’re still working! She tried the spooking game. She ran from the log, she ran from her shadow, she was worried about the flower box that the dressage letters are painted on. Luckily my new saddle has some stick, she ran sideways a couple of times and I felt glued into the seat.



We worked on keeping a constant rhythm. Her walk was crappy and we worked on actually striding out. Then more at the trot and the canter. Use those gaits and cover some ground! I have been struggling with making her movements too small. In any case, we had some improvements, and it gave me a lot to think about with my riding.


Tuesday was a barn work day, which means lots of projects to do and lots of time spent walking around. I logged 25,000 steps. Whew. We cleaned out the cross country field and did some general cleaning and maintenance. I also had another student try Jellybean. There is the potential for some mutually beneficial situations, but we’ll see.

We went to the cutting pen and Jellybean was doing the spooky thing again. We were concerned about grass in the wind… We worked on a circle and she calmed down and then I had the student ride her around. She was a little tense in her arms, and she wasn’t quite comfortable with Jellybean’s low head carriage, but those are easy to fix. I had her ride around and hang out and see what she thought while I walked off to do a couple of workday things.

When next I saw them, the student was telling me that Jellybean was being a little bit silly. Something about a shoulder shake and pseudo-spook and kick out. And a separate moment with Jellybean tripping and the rider moving around and Jellybean being worried. I’m was pleased that we were getting an accurate view of what Jellybean does. I always hate when you try out a horse and everything is oddly perfect.

We’ll see if this works out, it would be nice for Jellybean to have a person that can ride her on the regular. It would also be fun for this student to get more ride time with a horse that can learn a little quicker than the lesson horse. Stay tuned.



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