Weekend Riding II

The weekend spilled over into the week a bit, and now I’m late writing about it. Such is life.

Knots went to the weekly dressage lesson. We test rode a new saddle, and now I’m purchasing!! So exciting 🙂 We didn’t have any real breakthroughs, but I did forget the side reins. We actually rode just fine without them. I was really surprised, in a good way. He definitely had places of greater resistance, but nothing as dramatic as I was expecting. We did again talk about my hands. I need to close my fingers and be soft through the elbows instead of trying to be soft by opening my hands. This is going to be one of my next challenges.

Tuesday Jellybean got a ride. We test rode my old dressage saddle to think about which dressage saddle I liked better. New saddle will be so exciting. Then we did a little jump school through the gymnastic. Balance balance balance. I have so much work to do. But Jellybean was awesome. Its such a fun feeling when she locks onto the jump and just goes along. I just have to keep pushing myself to stay with her no matter what. And stop letting go of the reins :p.

Video evidence:


Since I’m late finishing up this post, I can also tell you a bit about this weekend.

Friday afternoon Robert and I decided to evaluate his saddle options. He currently has a 19in Thornhill Pro Trainer with a wide tree. Unfortunately Gracie is more of a medium, medium-narrow girl. We just wanted to see how Robert fit in the different saddles, my new all-purpose, and his Thornhill. (You can kind of see in the video that the flap is too long on my short legs. I need an actual close contact saddle, which means either Rob likes the new saddle or I resell it.) And it turns out, Rob fits just fine in the new saddle, which also fits Gracie much better. Win win. Now I just need to sell some saddles and buy a jumping saddle for me. To be continued…

2016-02-19 18.07.12.jpg

The stirrup is too short here, but you can see the knee to hip area fits this saddle pretty well. 

The rest of the weekend had limited horsing around. Saturday morning I coached a couple of students at a schooling jumper show. We had a great morning, and the kids met their goals. Sunday was a no go on the riding, work calls. We are going out of town on a business trip next weekend and the following week, so limited riding for the next couple of weeks. But then, all the riding posts! Stay tuned for more hints of saddle drama. 


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