Lesson recap: Dressage fun

Weekly lesson scheduled, and first lesson ticked off! This week we were at the farm, but next week we will begin hauling over to Sarah’s place. Its going to be exciting seeing where we get with a weekly lesson. Of course, it will be better if we can ride regularly, but we’ll see.

We started off swapping some gossip and saying hello, since the last time we rode with Sarah was well before Christmas. Then we got warmed up. I started Knots on the serpentine exercise we have been working on, and he settled into it nicely. We trotted up and down the arena a few times before giving Sarah our training recap. Basically haven’t ridden much, but got three dressage schools in recently. I told her he was stretching down at the canter a little bit without changing pace and verified that yes, that is good!

I moved back out to the rail to canter and worked for the good transition. Sometimes when we stand in the arena middle we are a bit sticky getting back to work. We got to the canter and I focused on sitting tall while he cantered along. He did actually offer a little bit of stretch while Sarah was watching, so that was good.

Once we were fully warmed up, we talked more about sitting tall as he stretches without dropping the reins. We started working on a 30-40m figure eight and trying to adjust pace, slower and quicker trot. Knots was overbending circle left while fighting the bend to the right. As we came through the middle of the figure eight he got tense and threw a few steps of tranter. At first I was leaning in anticipation, but as I worked on sitting tall he got better. He also improved when we continued on circle right until he didn’t get excited coming through the middle.

I’m pretty happy with this lesson, considering ride time has been limited since last we met Sarah. She could tell he was trying, and that is real improvement from Knots. We finished up with a little curry and lots more peppermints. And now riding is over until the weekend. It looks like our Pine Hill schooling is being moved to Friday afternoon, since there is another rodeo for our favorite cowboy on Saturday in Crockett (1.5-2hrs away).

2016-01-30 16.06.07.jpg



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