Just another day in the life

Today was an average Tuesday. I worked in lab this morning, went to my internship this afternoon, and then headed out to the barn. I taught two lessons, made it home for dinner, and then started plotting my next task.

During my lessons, I helped one rider conquer their fear of cantering out, taught one rider how to follow the horse over a jump, and helped another rider learn to use tact to express their concerns about another rider. I laughed with one student about their lazy pony and tried to help another rider wake up their brain after a long day at school. I talked about being friendly to new students and boarders with some of the old guard. I discussed a life lesson with a parent, while I talked about competition opportunities with other parents. I talked to a little girl about encouraging her little sister to ride how she wants, even if it isn’t barrels like grandma, and heard how a rider was doing after a fall the day before.

I stood in the arena for two and a half  hours, and I feel like I’m making a difference in these kids lives. Perseverance, respect, joy, kindness, confidence, all the important things kids need to learn, and I help. Sometimes I reflect on this and wonder how I could ever stop teaching riding lessons.

2016-01-18 12.05.59



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