Saturday Adventures

Saturday morning Maggie and I planned to ride in the morning. Robert decided to come along, and we left the house. Friday was beautiful. Texas weather was providing us with some lovely 60 degree sunshine, and it tricked me. Saturday it was a windy, cloudy 45 when we got to the barn. Whomp.

I was planning to ride Jellybean and jump a little. Maggie grabbed Bear and Robert grabbed Gracie. They appreciated the cookies I bought yesterday with the wormer. Jellybean was pretty chill, considering the less-than-ideal weather. We tacked up, ate some more cookies, and then went to the round pen.

I worked on getting her to pay attention. She wanted to canter around and call for her friends, but I kept changing her direction until she would walk, trot, and canter on command. Then we moved to the jump field and mounted. Jellybean didn’t quite want to pay attention, she wanted to trot off or stop or just generally not do what she was being asked. I was wearing spurs and she got really offended when I actually used them. In fact, we cantered a lap with ears pinned and bowed up like we were going to try something interesting.

She didn’t buck or anything. All hot air.

The exercise in the arena was pole, 9ft, pole, 9ft, 12in cross-rail. We just trotted through, even though it was set for canter poles. I should have had someone take a photo or a video, because Jellybean was very exuberant her first time through. She jumped the X like it was 3 feet tall. Baby horse life. We went through a few more times, and I reminded myself that she needed a lot more leg.

Lots more leg, and lots more practice over boring cross rails. Jellybean is going cross country schooling Jan 31st, weather pending. We’re going to have to work on forward in the meantime.

Anyways, after we finished up in the arena, Maggie asked if we wanted to walk down the road, so we did. At the end of the road, there is a huge field that we can go around. Its a great field, its just down the road about 1.5 miles. The traffic isn’t very comforting, since people are foolish.

2016-01-16 11.00.22

One of my favorite things about Jellybean is that she isn’t super attached to other horses. She choose to walk back this far from the group. She was looking at some of the strange things beside the road, but she wasn’t trying to run up to the group. She wasn’t very confident on this ride, but she was getting confidence from me instead of horses, including her bestie Gracie.

All in all, solid Saturday. Relaxing morning, even if we got rained on a little bit.


Photo stolen shamefully from Maggie


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