Cold nights and windy days

I thought I would test out this fancy new dot com blog site that Amanda bought me for Christmas!  It seems different from the other blog but it is still me, Jellybean, relating all of the horse antics for my adoring fans.

The Christmas time this year was very exciting.  It started off very warm for December but it suddenly turned very stormy and then got cold!  I love the cold weather!  I grow my fluffy coat and I look adorable in it!  It also gives me an excuse to run around in the paddock and harass my fellow roommates. Gracie is not to keen on the idea of gallivanting around and making a ruckus. Orion loves it though. We have tons of fun squelching in the mud and giving the people a lot of grooming to do.

There was a bit of excitement the week after Christmas! The people hosted Christmas Horse Camp! I feel sorry for all the school horses, they had to work really hard that week. There were TONS of little people running around and screaming. Sometimes they fed me, but most of the time I was sooooo glad I am not a lesson horse.  I spent some time standing by the fence next to the jump field and watching Amanda and Maggie convince the school horses to jump. There was always a squirmy kid on their back… poor ponies. By the end of the week, almost everyone knew how NOT to fall off! I will never understand what is so hard about not falling off….  people,shesh.

I hope you enjoyed the little visit today!  I am off to go run in the wind and the cold!  I may have been born in a Dusty Summer but…


Your favorite red mare,



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