The Ponies Survived Vacation

For Thanksgiving, we traveled up to Ohio to visit with family. It was lots of fun, and really great to spend time with the family. We even got to hear about some of them reading the blog (Hi!!!)!

While we were away, one of the students was taking care of the farm. I wanted to text and ask if my horses were still alive (they are accident prone you know ;)), but I was afraid of what we might find. So I just crossed my fingers and visited them when I finally returned yesterday.

And… they survived! This probably means they are saving up some catastrophic injury for Christmas Eve, but for now, all accounted for.

This enters the final work push before the end of the year, so unfortunately there isn’t going to be much barn time. Add that to the darkness setting in about 5:30, and December isn’t a great month for outside time. Nevertheless, I’ll try to come up with something amusing. I’ve been posting random pictures on the Facebook page, and I’m going to try to write here, at least as a break from dissertation writing.

In the mean time, this sequence of photos is the interaction with a newer horse, Tribute. Jellybean was socializing with me, then he came over.

Jellybean left the scene. 
Then Gracie came up

She said get out of here!

And Gracie snuffled for treats. I didn’t have any, and she was sad. The end.