A bit of a break

Quick announcement: Are you following the Facebook page? I post lots of extra pictures there and sometimes interesting links or videos. 
After the show, I kind of abandoned poor Knots. Although, who are we kidding. He lives in the pasture with grass and basically no riding… What more could a horse want?
Life is getting pretty crazy right now, and since I was making so much time for show prep, I kind of got out of whack with the working side of the equation. After the show, I basically worked all the time for a couple of weeks, then took a vacation to NC to watch my bestie get married. 
Then I came back and was completely exhausted trying to be on a schedule and daylight savings time and blah. 
So here we are, a month later. I actually rode Knots on Monday, bareback. I don’t know if that counts or not. 
As a funny aside, I didn’t get in touch with our dressage trainer for any of that off time. I did send her a text and give her an update, which basically said no shows until degree finished. She responded with something to the effect of… I figured you’d get back to real life after the show. I find that amusing for some reason. Mostly because I appreciate that she doesn’t stop talking to me when I am extremely inconsistent. 
In other news, I had some real talk about what I am doing with 2.5 horses and how I can get at least one of them a regular job. I really love both Knots and Jellybean, but I don’t actually have time to ride both, so I need to figure something else out. We were talking about getting Jellybean to a couple of shows and then leasing her to a pony clubber or student. I can take her to the GAG show in December and run goldilocks at Pine Hill this winter. Then we can talk about who. 
I like this idea. I definitely don’t want to sell Jellybean, but I want to push along with Knots and see where we get. In the meantime, Jellybean is 4.5 years old and its time to start doing something. 
She thinks this talk is dumb by the way :p

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