New friends at the farm

Last week we got some new friends on the farm! These two ponies were given to Maggie by a lady in town who’s children outgrew the pony phase. The palomino paint is named Mickey and the black and white paint is named Sue-Sue. We are going to rename Sue-Sue Minnie.
So cute!

What are these things?

Knots is confused.

One of the kids rode the ponies over the weekend, and they did ok. They have fantastic ground manners, although they are somewhat skittish. They both walked and trotted with a bit of encouragement. They aren’t very forward thinking at this point. The kid did manage to fall off in the most hilarious way. There were tears in my eyes, and unfortunately no actual video. However, I am linking a video that basically shows what happened.

The trot was so smooth on Minnie that our kid wasn’t really posting, and as we were talking about it, the kid leaned forward in a two-point-ish position. The pony just dropped her head and the kid slid forward over the neck. Minnie was a sweetheart and didn’t even walk away. The rest of us were laughing so hard we couldn’t offer any helpful information. Including the kid. So fun.

Kid falling off a Shetland

Nothing else interesting happened. We haven’t cantered them yet, but we plan to start back in the round pen/lunge line and see what they can do. We have images of one of our smaller kids taking the pony green as grass next fall…


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