Where are the people going? What happened to summer updates?

Summer is definitely the busy time of year for us. We both work later (no point leaving work at 4pm to enjoy 100+ heat), and get to the barn later. While my lesson schedule is pretty slow right now, I’ve been trying to get in lots of ride time. And I’ve been pretty successful.

I would write you some recaps, but it seems that I’ve forgotten since its now been a couple of weeks since I last updated. Moral of the story: Knots appears to like courses better than grids. I think my position is improving incrementally. Dressage is slowly improving. Jellybean almost went on a trail ride, but she decided to get trapped in a fence. So she has been enjoying some stall time.

The biggest craziness was the chiropractor visit with Gracie. That deserves a whole post (which Rob suggested he might write, eventually :p), but basically Gracie got adjusted and she stopped bucking at the canter. Bam. Life changing. We will see how this situation continues to progress, but Rob rode her three times in the last week, and she continues to just canter along. Great news!

There are exciting things on the radar: jumping lesson tomorrow morning. Cross country schooling at Meadowcreek on Saturday morning. Farrier next week. Knots meets the chiropractor next week. Three Brothers Jump for Life Show August 29th. Weeeeeeeee!

In personal life land, we are making a last minute move. Finalized things on Monday, and we need to be out of our house by Sunday evening. I am going to visit a friend in NC for a long weekend at the end of August, and oh ya, my job. So think of this as a short summer break from the blog, where we only update once every two weeks or so, and the pictures are sparse. We have been updating the Facebook page more often, so check us out if you need your Jellybean fixes between now and then. Picture dump:

Byron going “laundry”

New house!

Jellybean hates stall rest.


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