Another riding update

Well summer camps are all done for me, and the barn is closed this week so everyone can catch their breath and enjoy the holiday weekend. Whew!

I have one more week of teaching, and then I can go back to summer, which is to say more work on side projects. In barn land, it means I might be able to ride more than once a week with my only my lessons and no subbing. I have actually managed to ride all the ponies a time or two since last I updated you, but they were quick flashes, so I’m going to update all at once:

Jellybean and I got to ride one Saturday morning. I don’t have to lunge her anymore before riding her, and she is better and better at steering. I switched her from a full cheek snaffle to an o ring snaffle, because I am lazy and already have that bridle set up (mold-pocalypse 2015). We worked in the jump field, and she was good at the walk/trot/canter. We didn’t do many small circles, since I had too much junk in the arena. We did have a few moments when a trailer was being hooked up that Jellybean was distracted, but since I suspect she was “spooking” to get out of work a couple rides ago, I just ignored it.

We also went over a baby x a couple of times. This x was probably 6-10 inches tall (monstrous!) in the middle, and so we walked over it a few times and then trotted. Jellybean didn’t seem to remember that she wanted to go around the jump, so that was a good thing for her to forget. The first two times she trotted over the jump, she decided it was HUGE and jumped it like it was about 2’3″. Cute Jelly.

Anyways, she is doing well when I actually get to ride her, and maybe there is a dressage show in her future this fall.

Whew! We have been moving along, slowly in our dressage training, but moving. Knots got to go to pony club camp this summer and learn all about relaxing in groups and schooling some of the new cross country jumps. I rode him a couple of days after he returned, and I’d be lying if it wasn’t one of the most frustrating rides I’ve ever had with him. I have gotten spoiled being the only one riding him the last few months. All our rides have built, since there was nothing between them. Unfortunately, he forgot lots of concepts I was hoping were more clear in his mind. I keep trying to woo-saw and catch my breath, but the hopes I had of jumping a 2’3″ course were dashed when we were galloping away from my spur and throwing our head up to evade any contact. We ended the ride in side reins trying to remember something we worked on the few weeks prior.

I actually rode Gracie! No photographic evidence, but it happened. We rode in the big arena and I wanted to see where we were with her cantering. We walked and trotted really slowly, and I felt like the wasn’t running along. She tends to get so fast she is just tripping over herself, and then has to run along. Of course, when I say run, I mean trot extremely fast. Anyways, we cantered, and after she stopped her little buck and roll routine, I tried to do a few more transitions. If my weight was on her back, she wanted to buck and roll. If I was in a half seat she was much better. Sigh.

I think the course of treatment here will be to call out the chiropractor and see where that gets us. Its the cheapest of my options (lameness exam, neuro exam, etc), and if it helps awesome, if not we need to save up for the more expensive workups. Cross your fingers. My plan is to schedule mid-July.

So I guess a few rides in the last few weeks. I’m hoping to have a more regular schedule, because I would like to consider Meadowcreek in September… but we need more jumping and XC schooling before that becomes a reality.

Barn cat snuggles


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