In the Land of the Summer Camps

Sorry for the lack of updates, summer took off with a bang! Some of the highlights:

Robert got to ride on his first trail ride! We went with Maggie and Jackson and some of Jackson’s family off to Indian Spirit Springs, which is an awesome little place not far from the barn. They have lots of open space, they are always friendly, and its rarely crowded. Of course, riding in between rain showers generally lowers the attendance.

After the trail ride, I got to have a final dressage lesson before Maggie went to AT with the National Guard. I don’t remember anything in particular, except I shouldn’t ride without spurs the ride before a dressage ride. Unless I want to deal with “But you didn’t make me yesterday!”

Summer camps started last week, and boy are they fun! I have helped with summer camps off and on since I was about 13 years old, and I still love helping people get a quick taste of horses. We had a good small group to start out with, and our new staff members jumped right in. We had some personal growths, and our camps are all full until the last week!

It has been a little bit crazy with camps and my extra class I’m currently taking and the class I’m teaching. I mostly missed Jellybean’s birthday! I say mostly, because I was teaching a lesson when someone asked me how old she was, and I just said four, until Robert pointed out that the day was in fact her birthday!! I guess that makes me a bad mom. Hopefully I can improve… Which also reminds me that we didn’t mention Gracie’s birthday on the blog, although we congratulated her on making it another year without impaling herself on the day.

In other news, I managed to get bucked off a lesson pony. He’s a sultry five year old mustang/QH who generally just jogs along. Once in a while he decides he wants to be done, and he does a couple of baby warning bucks, then actual bucks. Sometimes a kid falls off, but mostly he is ridden by adults so it isn’t a huge problem. Anyway, one of my students was sitting on him when he decided to be a jerk, and she fell off. I got on and worked him through the exercise he didn’t finish with her, and then I started to canter him around (another trigger). He didn’t like that and bucked a little, so I spurred the crap out of him and pulled on his head, and he sent me up into the air. One of these days I’ll be able to keep my shoulders straight up and down, by this day they fell behind me and I landed on my booty. We had a meeting with Jesus on the lunge line, and I got back on and walk/trot/cantered him around. He was done. The kid finished up, and the day was done.

Anyways, calm before the storm this week before another week of camp. I’d like to imagine I’ll ride, but with work and camps and lessons, I don’t really see June being a good month for me. Until next time 🙂


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