I am not ashamed

Tack room organization is something that has become a bit more important as I have increased my collection (and amount of available space). At this point, I have collected almost enough tack for three to five complete horsey get ups. I generally had everything not in active use stuff into a big box (like the 60 gallon plastic storage containers), and the ‘actively’ used stuff out and about.

Recently I decided my portion of the tack room is a wreck, and I should handle it. This was mostly over Christmas. I rearranged the big box, I bought a rolling cart to organize medical things, and cleaned everything I could.

Enter the winter rains. Which, unfortunately caused some issues with my things, as the gutters had a problem that resulted in water pouring down the wall onto my things. Sad day. As I was cleaning up my tack (which had generously grown enough mold to kill an allergy filled child), I was brainstorming ways to further waterproof my things, just in case the gutters had another issue.

And then one day, I was just driving to work… and I saw it.


In someone’s front yard, a cart appeared! I wanted another cart to organize the horse boots and other miscellaneous things, but I wasn’t quite ready to commit to spending another 20-30 bucks just yet. Luckily, Rob and I were able to grab someone’s trash from the side of the road and call it a day! Maybe if I get things organized well enough I will take some pictures 😉


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