Beautiful weather and prepping for the show

It seems like the muck has cleared out, and we are in for a spring-like season with lows in the 50-60s and highs in the 70-80s. There is a touch of humidity, but whatever! Its beautiful weather. I hope it sticks around for awhile before the summer comes.

Anyways, we have been busily prepping for Robert’s (and Maggie’s son: A) show this weekend. Sunday we had a jump school. Gracie definitely got better with repetition, but she seems to have some problem with cross rails. She overjumped every single cross rail, and didn’t do anything weird with the verticals. Robert and Gracie both started to get tired after running through the course a couple of times, and they started having refusals. So they went over one more solid jump and called it a day.

Monday I had an impromptu lesson with A, and we worked on similar things as Robert on Sunday.

Tuesday we had our dressage lesson, and we worked on running through the tests a couple of times. Both Robert and A had some challenges with geometry, but it was amusing since they are basically riding the opposite type of horse. Gracie is expressive and opinionated with really snazzy natural movement. A is riding Simon, who has mediocre, rhythmical, daisy cutter movement. We were joking that Robert may see some 2’s and 8’s, while A is going to see 5’s and 6’s.

Tonight Robert has ‘off’ from riding (aikido night!), then Thursday another day riding (maybe jumping in the cross country field?). Friday will be for more dressage and test run through, then cleaning all the tack and packing!

Friday we will also be a little bit brave, and the farrier is coming out. Getting a trim before the show was not a problem last time, as we just asked for the horse to be left a little bit long. Simon is going to get front shoes, since he is sensitive on hard ground, Gracie is going to get a trim.

Anyways, we are excited and busy. Look forward to lots of show recapping soon!

Simpler times!


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