Some brief riding recaps, before I forget what happened

Sunday March 15th:
Went to the High Point Open Schooling with Maggie and the boys. It was awesome, but I think we already recapped this sufficiently.

Monday March 16th:
Rode Knots in a jumping lesson. He went in the D-ring snaffle and without the running martingale. We worked on rushing the fences, which is a combination of body position and horse inexperience. Amanda (the instructor, not me :p) suggested we grab the running martingale, which she then temporarily made into a very loose standing martingale. He could no longer throw his head up, and he was a different horse. We rode the exercises and ended on a fantastic note.

Tuesday March 17th:
Dressage lesson with Sarah. Knots was doing really well at the walk and trot, and Sarah asked if we wanted to see how the canter went. So we attempted to canter 20m circles. I was focused on keeping my upper body position correct and pushing him off my inside leg. He responded by running away from my inside leg on circle left, but on circle right he was more unbalanced and actually used my inside leg to stand up straighter. I was really pleased with this ride, because it was a nice show of the improvement we have made in the last few weeks.

Thursday March 19th:
Mom was here, and we had a dressage school for the boys before the show (which was later rescheduled to April 4th). I did not warm Knots up in side reins, because I wanted to see how he would respond. He was mediocre, but after the boys finished riding we went in the freshly drug (empty) jump field and worked on cantering in a larger area/circle. It was ok, I don’t think it was as good as Tuesday, but we had some good moments.

Thursday March 26th:
Knots and I got to jump the course I had students jumping Tuesday. It was half 2′ and half 2’3″, but technically challenging. I don’t have time to draw it out, but it had a lot of turns and bending lines. We were working as a team, but I am still having trouble getting my butt back over the fences.

Whew. Life is kind of crazy right now, everything is breaking at the house and cars, so we are just trying to make it to the April 4th schooling horse trials with Gracie and Robert.


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