New Opportunities

Everyone has goals and dreams. Dreams are those things you hope will fall into your lap. You aren’t actively doing anything to achieve, but you’re hopeful that one day divine intervention will bring you your heart’s desire. Goals though. Those things are serious. Goals are those things you write down on a piece of paper and make a plan to achieve. Start small, break down into manageable chunks, and then bam! Achievement.

That’s how all this works. You start with an idea or a dream, and change it into a goal by making a plan to achieve. One step at a time, day by day. And one of our instructors at Three Brothers is moving off to a new opportunity to reach her personal goals. She has decided to focus on making it to the American Eventing Championships as an adult amateur, which means no teaching or coaching. She was an instrumental part of our show team program and now she’s going to go on to her next big thing. Its going to be sad without her around the farm. I might even miss her crazy dog a little bit :p. Best of luck to her in reaching her goals, and hopefully we will see her competing at the AECs!


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