Another episode of social problems

During my lessons on Tuesday, I got to help deal with a minor crisis. I was chatting with Maggie while we watched Bubba (a lesson horse who was colicky) when I heard someone calling my name. It sounded fairly urgent, so I walked over. One of my students keep calling my name with increasing urgency. I finally got close enough to call to her and she told me Robert needed some wire cutters.

We have been upgrading fence lines around the farm, and lots of fence is now high tinsel wire, which I have written about in other blogs. There are a few fence lines with woven wire. So Maggie and I briskly walked to grab some wire cutters from the shed and figure out what type of trapped horse situation we were going to have. I walked one way around the house and Maggie walked the other way while we were looking for Robert and the horse. My guess was that the black gelding tried to jump out of a pasture and got stuck in the fence.

I found Robert in the front pasture. He was taking Gracie out to her pasture when he saw two horses fighting over the fence. The black gelding again. He was fighting with a boarder’s horse who had front shoes. Well as the boarder’s horse was coming down, he got the top line of the woven wire fence caught between his shoe and his hoof. And so he was stuck. Robert was trying to hold him/keep him near the fence and stop him from freaking out until the wire cutters arrive. Of course Jellybean and the black gelding were trying to “help.” Big sigh.

The first thing we did was cut the fence so the horse could let his leg down. Then we held his hoof and tried to get rid of the wire piece. I tried to knock it out with no success, so I passed the foot to Maggie and tried to keep Jellybean and the black gelding away from the situation. All the horses in both pastures were extremely interested in what was going on. Gracie was off socializing with Knots and enjoying exploring the new pasture.

Eventually Maggie and Robert were able to finagle the wire out from between the shoe and hoof and let the horse wander off. Whew. Another crisis averted. And Bubba’s colic resolved itself with a little banamine. Hopefully things will settle down.

This cat is crazy.

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