Wintery things. Even in Texas

Winter weather isn’t something we hear a lot about where I live. Normally we spend all winter enjoying the sunshine while my family up north complains. Which isn’t to say we don’t see winter weather… its just fairly rare. So the weather in the next few days is calling for rain, but the temperatures are going to dip below freezing. Which means everyone is going to lose their minds.

I grew up with a smattering of winter weather, and I decided at a young age that wintery precipitation was just a nice way to be trapped in your house. We used to live in the middle of nowhere, down a mile long dirt road. My dad had a tractor which he used to plow the road, but there is only so much that can be done for ice. I remember being snowed in a few times for DAYS. Its always fun the first day or two, but then suddenly you just want to leave and you can’t…

So I always get a little edgy when the winter weather comes into town. I don’t want to imagine being trapped at home. Although that’s definitely a silly worry at this point because I would love to be trapped at home for a couple of days. So many little projects I could get done! And lets be honest, I can accomplish a substantial amount of work from home. I just had a flash that I should have accomplished more today. Oops. So much time browsing nothing.

Which leads me to the entire point of this post I suppose. I bought a pair of Carhartt bibs. I have been dreaming of a pair for several years, especially as I noticed my cold legs turn red. I always considered them too expensive, but I am a grownup now, and I can buy things ;). This is especially exciting because I currently have a subscription to Amazon prime, and I was able to find them on Amazon, use my credit card points, and then get one day shipping for $6.99. Because instant gratification. I’ll be warm for my chores on Tuesday!


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