Jellybeans zig zag training trajectory

During the Knots hiatus, I had one quick ride on Jellybean. It was the first time I’ve ridden her in… I don’t remember? I know I have ridden twice since I busted my booty. So I grabbed my lunge line and whip and headed to the arena. She was acting completely foolish. I was surprised by how much she wanted to ignore the lunging. Then again… its been awhile.

So a few gentle (ish) reminders about the need for attention, and Jellybean was walking and trotting and cantering and making transitions where she was supposed to. After the lunging, I made her stand at the mounting block and got on. As an aside, its so easy to teach your horse to stand for mounting. Consistency folks. Horses that wont stand to be mounted annoy me to no end. Its so rude.

We walked, we trotted, we cantered. We ignored the general chaos. We tried to buck Amanda off. We were slapped with the dressage whip. We cantered along. We stopped. All in all, fairly uneventful for a baby horse that has been ridden three times in four months. She’s definitely a smart girl. Ok picture time! Enough talk.


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