Gracie goes off reservation

Monday was MLK Day and also the last day of winter break, or so Amanda and Robert tell me.  This turned out to be a HUGE deal!!!!  Let me tell about it.

First, let me tell you I LOVE trailer rides. There is something soothing about being jostled around in the back of a steel cage where my balance is crap and there are other horses constantly bumping into my personal space bubble… but that’s ok. I overheard that we were going to a cross-country schooling day!  I like jumping and all but, schooling?!?!?  I am a 9 yr old horse! I know how to walk trot and canter!  I can even jump over 2’3″ fences!  why do I need to go to school?   But there will be jumping!

So, at the break of day Maggie came and got me from my paddock and dragged me away from my cozy round bale.  I really didn’t mind. Jellybean was being a special pony and bucking around. I will never understand the exuberance of youth.  So much wasted energy that could be put to use eating hay.

Everybody got on the trailer with no issues,  It was a big trailer but still cozy with me, Knots, and Duncan.  We were flying down the road and enjoying the wind in our manes!  It was like galloping without running.  Before we knew it we were there!  It seemed like we were early since we had the whole area to ourselves.  There was lots of lush grass to eat.  High Point Farm is the best for grazing.  Next thing I know there is a saddle pad then a saddle and a bridle!  Oh God! when did we decide to ride instead of eat?!?!   Why am I on a lunge line?????   Circles!!!!!!  NOOOOOO!!!   My nemesis! oh, ok… I’ll settle down….  can we stop this circle thing now?   whew!  thanks.

There is sooooo much room for activities here!  Wide open fields for cantering, if I feel like it, (wink wink Maggie.)  and all of these fancy obstacles! So much fun!  We jumped logs and step ups, and coops.  Then Maggie tried to do a water element… Robert must not have told her I don’t like water elements.  I am a trooper though. I splashed right through that water even if I had a funny look on my face.  Then just like that we were done.  That wasn’t so bad.  I think I can handle this in a show setting.  Come on High Point Derby!

Back on the trailer for the ride home and some well deserved round bale. We are rolling down the road enjoying the wind in our manes when there is a scary loud popping and rumbling sound from the trailer!!!!!!   Oh God!  why is it leaning that way!  Why are we stopping????  Knots and Duncan don’t know either!  We are trapped in the leaning steel box of death on the side of the road of death with death cars flying by at 80mph!!!!!!   Save us!  I can hear Amanda and Maggie outside the box of death!  They sound unhappy.  I am going to paw at the walls until they tell me what is going on….  Still pawing…. still pawing… no answer.  maybe the cars of roaring death got them….  we are all going to die! Still pawing….

Finally I hear Amanda, Maggie and Katie talking about TWO flat tires on that side of the steel box of death.  Oh, no.  sounds like we will be here awhile.  still pawing….  but to no avail. The people are not listening.  I stop pawing and just wait…  ForEVER!

There is lots of noise and movement from outside the steel box of death as the roaring cars of death thunder by.  It sounds like someone is fixing the steel box of death.  More waiting….  then we suddenly start moving again. whew!  we may not die in here…. But why are we going so slow?  there is no wind in our manes. We could walk home faster than this.  At some point I took a nap because the next I remember is the trailer door opening at home.  We all get to go back to our round bales and relax.

Except for me, I see Jellybean has missed me. She is bounding around the paddock like an idiot.  Good thing for her, she is part of MY herd.

It is good to be home.

-An excerpt from the diary of the big grey horse (Gracie) dated Jan. 20 2015


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