Then everything was cancelled

Well nothing exciting this weekend to report. Everything was cancelled and it rained more. Almost made it to freezing rain, but then it was just a few degrees too warm. Its for the best I suppose. We get two more weeks to prepare.

Our dressage lesson went well enough on Thursday. We reiterated the rhythm aspect of the lower level tests. Apparently BN B has an obnoxious movement where you make the long diagonal and then immediately pick up the canter in the corner, which Sarah talked about. She reminded me to keep working on sitting up straight and focus on the rhythm above all else. Easier said then done, but we shall keep working.

Friday we were supposed to school cross country at Pine Hill. We loaded everything and got all the way to Bellville when the instructor called Pine Hill and the owner said too wet. Bummer that we wasted over two hours driving and the gas for a phone call that could have been made earlier. Next time I will personally call the facility before we load up the trailer.

All in all, meh weekend. I worked at the lab on Saturday and made Robert a pair of sweatpants on Sunday. And we napped. Done.

Gracie did get her mane pulled before the dressage lesson


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