2015 Goals

When I typed out 2015 it felt real for the first time. I have been working at Christmas camp, and in my spare time I have been really relaxing for the first time in quite some time. Something about sitting around all day in my soft pants really makes things seem quite easy. Byron loves when I am home though…

For 2015, I want to set some monthly goals and see what we can achieve. I want to set reasonable goals, and I hope to earn enough money to pay for some competitions this year. Money-wise, I get caught up buying new equipment and tack. I am planning to attend schooling shows this year, so I should be ok apparel wise.

Equipment purchases this year:
Tall boots
Cross Country Vest
Dressage Coat
Show shirt, including dressage stock tie

January Goals:
Knots: HPD Beginner Novice: finish without being eliminated
Jellybean: Ride at least twice
Gracie: Maggie compete at HPD

February Goals:
Knots: Pine Hill Horse Trials, Beginner Novice
Jellybean: Ride at least twice; prep for Dressage Show
Gracie: Prep Robert for Schooling Derby

March Goals:
Knots and Jellybean and Gracie: Topsider Dressage Schooling Show
Knots: BN A and B, Jellybean Intro A/B, Gracie with Rob or Maggie?
Gracie: Robert takes Gracies GAG at HPD

April Goals: 
Knots: Keep fit
Jellybean: Start trotting over fences
Gracie: Robert compete GAG/Goldi at Three Brothers Spring Derby

May Goals: 
Knots/Jellybean/Gracie: Dressage Show again
Keep ponies in work!

June Goals: 
Knots: BN at Meadow Creek Farm
Summer camp, two weeks!
Pony Club Jumper Show?

July Goals:
Kids compete at Pine Hill! I want good experiences
Jellybean: jumping over poles and cross rails
General pony maintenance

August Goals:
Tack swap! Get rid of the old things.
Knots: prep for Sept HT
Jellybean: Prep for Dressage show
Gracie: Rob prep for Oct HT

September Goals:
Knots: BN at Meadow Creek
Jellybean: Dressage Show
Gracie: Robert Goldi at Three Brothers Stable Fall Derby

October Goals:
Take kids to horse trials again! Good experiences!
Knots: evaluate potential for novice
Jellybean/Gracie: general work

November Goals:
Knots/Gracie/Jellybean: Topsider Dressage Show

December Goals:
Knots: Novice at Pine Hill

Personal goals:
Improve jumping position: no turtles
Learn to count strides
Strong enough to hold galloping position during XC round

Blog goals:
Focus when I write a post. No more being distracted halfway through
Post more lesson/ride recaps

So these goals are a little bit fluffy at this point, I don’t know about all the local show calendars yet. I also don’t want to push horse showing above all else, especially for Robert. We do have other lives of course. Anyways. This is much more detailed than anything I have put together before, and I hope it will inspire me throughout the year.


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