2014 Year End Review

Well its been two years on the old blog front. And its definitely time to do some reviewing of last years business. 2013 can be found here!


It was pretty cold and miserable. I hopped on Jellybean for one of the first times without Robert’s help. We first noticed Oberon’s lameness right before the first dressage lesson. The first dressage lesson was just about trying to respond to aids, and it wasn’t especially awesome.

Ahhh. The entire debacle with Oberon happened in February. Basically I had a meltdown and couldn’t pull myself together to work the horse. In order to cheer myself up, I posted a recap of all the horses I used to ride as a kid and some of the things I had learned.

Luckily February didn’t last long, and I managed to reach a tense peace with Oberon. The two major events in March were the horse trials and the purchase of Gracie. The horse trials was both exciting and disappointing; we survived, but we were eliminated. We got Gracie started and tried to figure out which horse was going to be sold.

We decided to sell Oberon and keep Gracie, and the whole month was spent brainstorming sales tactics and meeting with potential buyers.

May was a busy busy month. Oberon was sold. Unfortunately in hindsight, the new owner was a terrible person! I didn’t learn this until approximately six months afterwards, when I was contacted almost out of the blue about Oberon. Luckily, there is a happy ending. The horse eventually made it back to the pasture with a previous owner and is going to live out his days there. We also went to a dressage show, finished up the semester, and got to know Gracie better.

Summer started out crazy. I taught summer camp and rode some of the ponies. Jellybean finally pooped while being ridden.

July started off with the horse trials at Pine Hill where Knots and I competed in Goldilocks! Then Rob and I went on vacation for two weeks. Finally July ended with a cold front of sorts and the beginning of the fall stress.

August was extremely busy! We bought and sold some cool things at the tack swap, Jellybean went on a trail ride, and I made some saddle covers. I also got bucked off of Jellybean, which hurt my back pretty good.

September was when school really started heating up. Ponies starting moving into the backseat. The ponies moved into a paddock and Knots joined them for awhile. The rain started and Jellybean managed to cut her leg apart.

October was personally an awful month for me. I took my prelims, and the month was basically spend doctoring Jellybean then coaching the kids at a couple of shows.

More coaching and more prelim awfulness! I recapped my competitions and the first really cold front came through. I threw down the gauntlet and decided to try for novice next year.

I finished my prelims and went to Ohio for Thanksgiving. Then I came back from vacation fired up! I got back on the riding bandwagon in between the crappy weather. I pulled manes and got my life rebalanced! I also volunteered at a show and audited the Buck Davidson clinic.

Wow. What a year. Now that I have reminded myself of all the things I have accomplished (or not) this year, I can start to put down my goals for 2014 on pen and paper. What was your favorite story from this past year? Leave us a comment 🙂


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