Winter Blehs

Short public service announcement: I have a lot of content I am behind on, so I am scheduling some posts every day for the next few until all the stories are drug out of me 🙂

Well. Winter break was supposed to be filled with ponies, and I have certainly spent a lot of time at the barn. However, the weather has been absolutely awful. Cold, rainy, temperatures in the low 40s with a wind chill down into the 30s. But we persevered and put on a Christmas camp. I only got to ride Knots one day in the past week or so, in the front pasture during a lesson with the kids. We worked on being calm in the open. I also tried out a new bit, just a D ring snaffle on a cob sized fancy hunt bridle. I didn’t see a huge difference, and we will still have to evaluate when we get nervous, ie at a show.

Teaching winter camp was enjoyable; we had fifteen people attend! We had lots of little kids and a few adults. I mostly taught the adults, and I spent a lot of time discussing the key points of owning horses. I also helped with the kids and we had some fun inside-ish activities for the truly terrible days. We had the kids do a scavenger hunt to find different colored horses and even had then ride bareback on the last day.

Cross country schooling is scheduled for Friday, weather permitting! I am certainly crossing my fingers I can get out there and prep before the event on Sunday. I’d like to be less nervous by the time we compete next weekend (!!!!).

Did I tell you about that? Knots and I will be running beginner novice at High Point Farm. It looks like our first goal is to not get eliminated :p.

We have cats EVERYWHERE

Jellybean tossed her blanket in the mud

Byron hated the cold


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