Knots and I run at jumps

Earlier last week I got back on the jumping lesson bandwagon with Maggie. One of our favorite instructors blew through for jumping lessons with us and Jeannette. We talked briefly about goals and where we were having trouble, then Amanda set up a gymnastic. It started out as canter poles, about 10 feet apart, much like an exercise from the Buck Davidson Clinic the past weekend. Whew.

The magic of half-halting is so tricky sometimes. We had a lot of trouble working on coming into jumps balanced. I was also having trouble not dropping him before the jumps. This lesson was definitely a little bit of a wakeup call, I really thought I had made some more progress, but unfortunately I was not as far along as I thought.

I definitely feel like I have some more important things to work on and I am re-inspired to ride as soon as all this silly water dries off the ground.


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