Christmas Party Fun

We had a fantastic Christmas party last night. We have over 20 people participate in the Dirty Santa gift exchange and lots more attend. We had lots of food and fun! We were really grateful, because the Christmas party really shows how much we have expanded our barn family in the last year. Last Christmas we had five people participate in the gift exchange, and we all fit very comfortably in the living room at Maggie’s house. We couldn’t even fit in the clubhouse this year! We are so thankful for this wonderful barn family 🙂

Robert almost got to take home a cute “I ❤ HORSES” bracelet, but at the conclusion of the game, a cute little girl approached him for a trade for her pocket clippers. Robert happily accepted, but was then approached by another cute little girl who wanted the clippers for a sign she won. I managed to get some Horseman’s One Step, which thankfully, no one tried to take from me, since you can never have too much leather cleaner.

There were a lot of fun and interesting gifts at the party. Lots of horse mugs, cups, and water bottles. Lots of horse treats and ornaments and even a halter and lead rope. There were a few practical gifts, including a dry erase dressage board, clippers, and leather care. I think the most interesting gift was a handmade hoof pick from a horse shoe. Everyone was generous and friendly and all the kids had a fantastic time. I definitely think this was a great year 🙂


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