Still trucking along, and more balance

When I come back from vacation I am always so excited about making my life even better than it was before. Normally because something that was consuming my life before vacation is usually going to the background. I generally set ambitious goals when I get home, and work at keeping the enthusiasm up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. 

I’m happy to report that thus far I have maintained my enthusiasm. I have ridden Knots twice in the last few days and I rode another horse last night. Thursday evening I rode with Robert during his lesson and worked on two-point. We made it ten laps of the cutting pen before I melted and couldn’t hold it any longer. Still, progress. 
Saturday I rode with the kids in the jump field and went over some small cross rails and verticals. We had a nice pace, but we got in a tiff about moving off my leg which made Knots kind of frustrated. When he’s frustrated he starts running and throws his head way up in the air. So we could have had more harmonious work, but we have to remember to move off the leg. I also didn’t wear spurs, which I think was a contributing factor. 
Monday night I schooled one of our western horses a bit and worked on her stops and canter departs. She is such fun to ride, and just a bit of a workout when she does what she is supposed to do. 
Jellybean and Gracie are a bit lonelier in their paddock; Knots moved back out into Maggie’s pasture, since he has put on a little bit too much weight. Hopefully working and eating less will get him feeling in better shape soon. 
We have a dressage lesson on Thursday afternoon and a jumping lesson next Tuesday. Hopefully this will help me feel the progress so I can confidently go out on the BN course in January. So excited 🙂
Thank goodness Knots is looking less hairy bear and more show pony! Jellybean got a haircut and clean up also, she looks almost grown up.

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