Monday Funday: Knots leads the escape

Mondays are always harder after a great horsey filled weekend. Nothing like going back to work to realize its more fun to be outside enjoying the perfect weather this time of year. Although, apparently there is a major cold front coming through, and the temps are supposed to be mid 30s overnight…frigid for BCS in November.

Luckily, we picked up a blanket for Jellybean during the tack swap in August (only 9 more months until 2015 tack swap!!). That saved us some dollars for sure. However, Gracie is a little bit bigger and she needs a blanket more then Jellybean will. Her new blanket should be here Wednesday or Thursday, so stay tuned for pictures.

Ahhh Knots. The escape artist. So when we moved into the paddock, everything was cool as we finished off the leftover round bale. Then the hay was gone, and the ponies got bored sniffing the dirt. Knots is exceptionally talented at escape, and Jellybean has pulled off some impressive feats herself.

When the paddock was “finished” there was one section with no fence… Just a diagonal support for the fence with a brace that was not securely attached. So Knots (although it could have been Jellybean too) knocked the brace off and walked over the diagonal wire. Grass, extra grain in the bucket… it was a solid escape. I imagine Jellybean followed him out. I eventually got a call that Jellybean had escaped and been found, Knots was MIA, and Gracie was calling for her friends in the paddock. Knots had ventured further to the grass then Jellybean, and he was eventually apprehended.

Onto part II. In this second image, you may notice a few things right away. First, there are boards on the ground. Knots is standing in the fence. There are some lead ropes tangled (haphazardly) around Knots. What you may not be able to see is the way his legs are inserted between the diagonal support and the lead ropes. He managed to get right in the middle. When I walked up to him I realized I needed to help him escape, and we needed to reimagine the fence solution.
The end of this story is that no ponies were injured in this adventure, the fence was fixed, and everyone is still trapped in their paddock 🙂 muhahaha.

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