Jellybean’s early release and yet another new home

Welcome back for another installment of fun and adventures concerning three horses we hold so dear.

The good news is that Jellybean has received the news from the parole board that she will be released into the wild again!  Her release from stall life was executed on Sunday Oct. 26, 2014. Her stall door was opened and she was allowed to run into the cutting pen where the rest of her herd, Gracie and Knots, were eager to greet her with bucking and whinnying and lots of running around.  it was a joyous horsey reunion.

It quickly got old though and Amanda and I felt the need to be home. This begs the question of how you convince three crazy horses to cram into one tiny paddock….  FOOD TIME!!!!!

One bucket of food is the magic to getting a horse to behave.  As I carried the grain through the cutting pen they all fell into line behind me.  I felt like the pied piper of horses leading my little troupe to their home.  Dump some grain and horses begin chomping away merrily.  No lock the gate and get out!   Everyone ended the night comfy in their own beds…

Now the fun part.  We had a boarder leave the barn and a paddock not attached to the arena opened up.  So, we uprooted our little family AGAIN!   we are such a military family with all this moving.  Now the ponies live amidst the whinnies and neighs of other horses and get all the love and attention they could ever hope for.

Thanks for reading,

More pictures soonish…   there is a costume contest for halloween.


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