Cabin fever

Its been well over two weeks now since Jellybean tried to slice her foot off. She’s been trapped in the stall, bickering with Panda and doing that weird thing she does with her teeth. She literally opens her mouth and runs her teeth back and forth on the metal bar. So odd. She has only really gotten released when she escaped one morning, and again when she goes to the cross ties for bandage changes.

Speaking of bandage changes, that last bandage was a bear. It would not stay on or up, so we finally just left everything open for the last day or so before the vet came back out to cut the stitches. Unfortunately I didn’t really get to talk to the vet, but Jellybean was knocked out when I got there, and I was instructed to “hydro” the wounds until they healed. I thought that word was funny, because I have always called it cold hosing. The more you know…

Anyway. I know you are all here for the pictures, so wait no longer:

 Now we just need to wait until the sores heal so she can return to her friends!


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