Some more bandage changes and pictures

Its almost time to take out the stitches! Jellybean just has to make it to the end of the week and she will be on her way to the great outdoors (and some turnout) again. Lots more pictures for the next bandage change. The rub was healing, but pretty ugly in the meantime :/ We used less vet wrap with the green horse shoes and much more padding, so as to have less pressure points.

Stitches look good

Another bandage rub 😦

The skin is literally falling off here…

That little flap makes everything look worse

And bandaged up

Unfortunately the bandage was not tight enough to prevent it from falling down, which is how I found it one night. Cue another bandage change (3 days later).

The stitches are continuing the improve

This looks better too, albeit still yucky.

 So when we rebandaged this next time, we wanted to leave the back of her knee pretty open. It looks very wet and gross, so we decided to air it out. We were considering limited wrapping at all, but we decided to protect the stitches until the vet comes out at the end of the week. Whew. This is all a lot of work. But this last change happened without sedation, which was good and bad. Good because I know she’s not in too much pain, disappointing because it wasn’t an option (btw… at $25/go, its not a cost effective solution).

I’m very excited to hear from Dr. Lee on Friday and determine what he thinks about the wounds and how he thinks they are healing. And then Jellybean just has one-two more weeks in the stall before being turned back out in the paddock.


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