So you thought I was kidding…and a long aside about rain boots

I can’t actually bring myself to take a picture of the flooding straight on, but I did take a couple of pictures yesterday. I had a few extra minutes, and some new boots to try and destroy, so I grabbed a shovel and started digging. A little back story: 

Rain boots used to be something silly I wore in college. When I didn’t want to get my jeans wet. Then I started going back out to the barn. And I started experiencing mud. Not the type of mud you see in the grocery store parking lot, but the kind that steals shoes and loves you enough to stay with you forever. So i took my college rain boots and brought them to the barn. And I sunk into the mud, but kept my shoes and didn’t feel the worse for wear. Until I went to goodwill one day.

I saw them on the shelf! Green rubber boots, with plaid (ie two weaknesses). I wanted them. Then I saw the size, and I just took them. I think they were 10 bucks. I donated my college boots to a friend who recently developed a hole in her boots. And I thought everything was great. 

And everything was great, until there was a tear in the rubber. Alas, no longer water proof, and useless against real mud. So I retired them to light wear in “sprinkle” conditions, and started searching for something that might last longer. And so we come to the country boot segment. Whew. Dubarrys are nice, but they are extrememly pricey. So I searched for something closer to my price range. Although, lets be real, I’m replacing $20 boots. How many $20 boots can I replace for the price of the Dubarrys?! I finally found some knockoffs that I liked, until I saw the calf width.

The struggle is real. I have athletic calves. They don’t fit in the “wide” boots. So I continued my search… and finally found some that were reasonable attractive and only one arm, instead of an arm AND a leg. And then I waited. And saved. And waited. And hoped they would go on sale. And waited for a coupon code. And nothing. So then I bought them. 

When I got them, my first concern was to see how well they would hold up. They are still a little snug in the calf, but they are wearable, and I hope they will stretch eventually so I can wear jeans with them. With the rain storm, I have been walking through every puddle and pushing them to show me that they are a waste. And they have held up. No wet feet, spray right off. Magical.

So this long story, to show you one picture. Basically I ventured into the “mud” and shoveled out a drain for the mini-lake that formed in the paddock. And Jellybean decided to help. She stood right in the middle of my ditch. And wanted to be scratched and petted. How cute. Luckily (I don’t think this is the right word…) she didn’t bite me, and just nibbled on the shovel. This story has a mostly happy ending, since the lake drained substantially, at least until the next rain comes. Rumor on the street is we will be moving this weekend, cross your fingers!

I’m helping!

Did I mention this horse doesn’t like water???


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