A short update

Well the semester is in full swing. I teach recitation sections on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and riding lessons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Needless to say, there is not a lot of time spent at the barn riding or otherwise. 

I did have a couple of good rides on Knots this past week. We have been working on establishing a better rhythm at the trot and canter. He has gotten into the habit of sucking back and working in a very compressed, inverted frame. I have been working on adjustability and contact. He is having trouble trotting out, he just wants to move into a canter. 

Maggie has decided to take Gracie to the horse trials in December, which is great news! She has been riding Gracie in the mornings and taking dressage lessons with her. Gracie has been learning all about a relaxed rhythm, since she tends to rush and then trip over herself. 

Robert has also been riding Gracie, and he has been working on his position and trying to build on the things Maggie is working on in lessons. He has been especially trying to get his upper body to be still and relaxed. 


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