In which I prove how easy it is to get hurt doing stupid things

Jellybean has, by all accounts, been doing splendidly. So of course I decided to push the envelope a little bit more! I was riding around in the the large arena with the boys (maybe mistake one?) on Friday night. They were roping and dragging a five gallon bucket.

Seems boring right?

Jellybean was a little bit apprehensive about the bucket moving around and making noises, but she seemed interested, not terrified. So she walked behind the bucket while the boys drug it forward. She was following it in a funny, kind of like she was tracking a calf. She had her neck arched, ears forward and was looking at it like she might bite it. So I decided to build on that, and asked the kid to trot off, and we followed at a trot. Then he stopped. And we didn’t stop as fast. And she saw it from the corner of her eye…

…And I hit the dirt. Hard. I think she started trying to turn around and run, but she baby bucked and spun. I tried to close my outside leg and managed to unbalance myself instead, and off I went. I landed hard on my left hip, shoulder, head. I hopped back up, but it was real hard to move. I walked slowly over to Jellybean (who was just standing looking at Gracie across a couple of fences) and collected her. I had to get back on, so I walked back to the mounting block. 
Jellybean didn’t want to stand still (we have been working on this), so I had to finagle for a couple of minutes, but I finally got on. When I flexed my glutes to stand up in the saddle, I had some shooting pains, and decided I was only going to ride for a few minutes. I trotted her around through a couple of figure 8s, and then got off and untacked. Whew. Then I popped some ibuprofen and limped around. 
I have been getting much better everyday, but I am still waiting for the bruise to form on half of my back. I am going to take it easy until the end of the week, and then back to the grind. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine 🙂 I like to think its awesome that my injuries have occurred mostly when I am doing something stupid, and no concussion this time 😉


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