So I made some saddle covers!

 Warning: The title is deceptively simple. I actually purchased a pattern from Suitability #7400 and then followed the directions the old fashioned way. But still 😉

So we have a couple of challenges at the farm, namely dust and mud, depending on the moisture level. None of these things facilitate clean tack. So I was browsing online looking for cute saddle covers, and coming up short. Limited selection, ugly colors. Of course, I didn’t look on Etsy, so maybe my problems would have been solved there, but alas. 

Anyways, its fairly straightforward, cut two pieces and sew them together with some elastic on the edge (ok its more complicated, but since this isn’t a tutorial I don’t need to go into it).   

First I cut the fabric
Then I added the gusset triangle to each side
Then I stitched the two sides together and added a zigzag topstich
Then I added some nylon strapping to the top of the cover

I missed a picture, but I added the bias tape around the edge with the elastic, then topstiched then pulled the strings tight.


My plan is to make a few more of these bad boys and sell them at the tack swap coming up in a couple of weeks! These are the other patterns I want to make:



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