Some updates to the layout…

I think its time to update the layout of the page. Its been over a year and a half since I started this little blog, and I have changed several things in my life since then. It seems like a blog makeover is a good place to start. The current sidebar:

I have been riding for many years and started by competing at local hunter shows before becoming more interested in eventing. After playing around in eventing, I moved to college and took up reining. I captained the western IHSA team and managed to learn some horsemanship patterns. With this variety of experiences, I am very interested in the pursuit of the “all around horse.”

Dusty Summer (affectionately known as Jellybean) is a 3 year old mostly quarter horse mare. She is growing like a weed, and will hopefully be almost 16 hands. She’s going to be my partner as we work towards a balanced training program which will allow us to compete in the lower levels of eventing, reining, and dressage.

When I am not working with Jellybean, I teach horseback riding lessons at Three Brothers Stable. I also work at a non-horsey job as a biochemistry PhD student at Texas A&M.

A new description of myself is necessary at this point, since my goals have changed and I no longer want to focus on my previous experiences as much as my current experiences.

Sooooo I have added pages to the top of the blog, check out a short blurb about the animals in our lives and some information about other places we frequent constantly.


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